Monday, November 21, 2011

Oreo, our new puppy

For our early Christmas present, we got a new puppy.  Preston has ALWAYS loved dogs and puppies.  He has had dozens of stuffed animal dogs, and used to pretend to be a puppy when he was younger. The only problem was his allergies - and my allergies.  We just assumed that we could never have a dogs because of that.  Even the so-called hypo-allergenic dogs were problematic sometimes. 
This is Oreo.  We LOVE him.  He is so sweet and very fun.
So, one night at a Mustang Club activity, Guy was explaining our predicament to a Vet, who is also a member of the club.  He told us to look into getting a Chinese Crested dog.  They are hypo-allergenic, but only grow hair on their paws, tail and face.  The rest of their boy is skin - just like humans.  These are pure-bred dogs and they can be very expensive.  So we just kept looking on KSL Classified until we found one that was affordable.  We got oreo one month ago, and now he is 4 months old.

This is the day we got his muzzle trimmed.  He wasn't very happy about it, but now I won't have water all over the kitchen floor after he drinks.
  The Chinese Crested dogs need to have their skin taken care of.  They need a shower or tub at least once a week and lotion twice a week.  They are little and need to wear sweaters/jumpers in the winter, and sunscreen in the summer.  They say that dogs reflect their owners, and Oreo is like a puppy version of Preston. Playful, fun, full of joy. Not only that, but, just like Preston, we have to take care of Oreo's skin, too.

Oreo is a special dog and fits in with our family great.
We are still trying to potty-train Oreo.  We have got him to sit, shake, come, and heel.  He loves to chew and race around chasing balls. He is a quiet dog and rarely barks or makes noises - another good quality in a dog.

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